Bob MacGuffie
Right Principles
November 18, 2013


We don't like being lied to - and we don't like being lied about.

Earlier this month in the comfortable confines of the annual Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner, Governor Malloy let loose with a frustrated and mendacious tirade against the Tea Party 

It seems that even with Democrats controlling the entire state government, the governor still felt he needed a villain to attack for Connecticut 's horrendous ranking in every category imaginable…because he sure doesn't seem willing to take responsibility for his own performance.

The governor's specific attacks are worthy of individual examination.    If they represent the scale of misdirection, falsehoods and tone we can expect in his re-election attempt next year, we're in for a new record for Pinocchios in CT.   You will note that implicit in Malloy's attacks is his indirect recognition of the actual problems his administration has created in CT: uncontrolled spending,  ballooning debt, the threat these pose to our state's creditworthiness and ability to pay its bills,  and the risk to the American Dream for future generations.   Because he is in charge of a failing state, Malloy reveals his desperation by attacking those citizens willing to hold him accountable.  The following are direct quotes from his speech:


        Governor's Attack:  "They (Tea Party) don't give a darn about our economy, it's quite clear that they would sink our economy for their own political good." 

        Response from Tea Party:  Evidently the governor wasn't watching in 2009 when the Tea Party burst on the scene in opposition to $3 trillion of deficit spending in four months.  It is uncontrolled spending and debt that sinks economies, not balanced budgets. 

        Governor's Attack: "In 2011 they (Tea Party) had a crazy debate about whether we would pay our national debt." 

        Response:  Governor Malloy relies on the public's unawareness of terminology to confuse and deflect.   The federal budget pays only the interest servicing on the national debt - it's necessary to have a balanced budget before you can actually pay down the national debt.   

        The issue in 2011 was whether to raise the debt ceiling and incur yet more national debt to be paid back by our children.  The Tea Party believes that to be a sober, responsible question.  How is asking our government not to spend more than it takes-in crazy?  The Malloy administration merely mimics the President and uses the fear of bond default as leverage to prevent any spending restraint by government.   Those of us who comply with the reality of living within our means are being demonized for expecting our government to do the same.

        Governor's Attack : "They (Tea Party) took 1.5% off the GDP that year by having that crazy discussion." 

        Response:  That is an unsubstantiated fabrication - no congressional discussion can possibly impact GDP, and none was claimed by any reputable economist.  


        Governor's Attack: "They (Tea Party) don't care about getting people back to work." 

        Response:  Really - straight face or tongue-in-cheek, governor?   The Tea Party stands for free market capitalist economics - that's what historically drives a robust growing economy, which creates new business, new jobs, and new wealth in the private sector.  The only jobs created by the president's federal legislation are the additional bureaucrats hired to administer and regulate his tired, doctrinaire liberal pipedreams.  Real, sustainable growth only comes from private sector job creation. 

        Governor's Attack:  "Now they want to shut down the government." 

        Response:   It appears the governor couldn't pass up a chance to repeat the biggest lie of the year.  Saying it doesn't make it so, governor. 

        The Republican-led House passed an appropriation bill fully funding the government except for the nationwide financial and administrative disaster known as ObamaCare.  It was the senate majority leader Harry Reid, on behalf of the president, who refused to put the House bill on the floor for a vote, thereby shutting down 17% of the federal government on October 1st.  And only the veterans, spitefully locked out of the open-air WWII memorial, really noticed.  

        Governor's Attack:  "If we keep electing people to government who tell you that they hate the government, then we shouldn't be surprised…" 

        Response:   As Ronald Reagan would say, "there you go again."  The Tea Party does not hate government - it reveres the Constitution, because it guarantees our individual liberties and specifically limits the powers of the federal government.    We encourage Governor Malloy to read it; he will be impressed with its brevity, simplicity, and also be awakened to the very limited areas of American life over which the federal government is granted purview. 

        The Tea Party seeks to remind our federal representatives of the limits to their power.   We are here to request that our governor stand up to the federal government, defending the rights of Connecticut's citizens and reclaim, to quote the Tenth Amendment the "powers reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."


        Governor's Attack:  "This is a fight that's worth winning, and we have to stand up to this crowd.  They are the barbarians at the wall." 

        Response:  Is this the type of civil discourse Liberals so insufferably lectured Tea Party people about in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting?  Really governor… such irresponsible and reckless rhetoric by the state's highest elected official is an embarrassment to all the citizens of Connecticut.   But it does reveal the governor's ruling-class mindset.  It's not enough we have to put up with that attitude emanating from the White House, but we now have our own home-grown version.  The governor disparages his former neighbors, friends and citizens from his Hartford perch; we are merely the lowly serfs only fit to work the fields and not complain as he issues his lordly proclamations.

So let's take a quick survey of the Connecticut the governor has wrought from the heights of his Hartford castle:

  • CT's debt situation is ranked by Barron's as the "worst in the country" with a $50,000 debt burden per taxpayer.
  • CT's credit quality was ranked 50th by Conning & Co.
  • CT is the third most expensive state for electricity - (U.S. Energy I.A.)
  • CNBC ranked CT 44th for business attractiveness.
  • CT's achievement gap is worst in nation - (CT Council for Ed. Reform)
  • The Federal Reserve Bank states CT's job growth lags the region and the country.  CT has regained just 62,000 of the 121,000 jobs lost from '08 to '10, representing a 51% recovery vs. 78% nationally.
  • CT is virtually the highest taxed state in the nation - CT is last at reaching "tax freedom day", May 5th - according to the Tax Foundation.
  • And to sum up, Barron's magazine ranked CT 50th - "the worst run state in the nation."


It's no wonder the governor searches for a boogey-man to explain his failure, when all he needs to do is look in the mirror to find him.  It's not we citizens who have brought the state to its knees.  We're merely the ones willing to bring it to the public's attention. 

Our movement is largely about reducing federal power by pressuring our federal representatives to only pass laws permitted by the Constitution, and unwinding those in place which are unconstitutional.  We seek a return to free markets where individuals are free to pursue their economic dreams to the benefit of all, without the strangulation of federal and state regulation, fees, and taxation which is currently stepping on the oxygen hose of our economy today.  If the 27 million small businesses in America were encouraged to each hire just one more worker our unemployment nightmare would be over. 

We in the greater Liberty Movement consisting of Tea Party, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Constitutionalists offer a free-market based alternative approach to every failing liberal boondoggle the Democrat Party has foisted on us.   When will the governor recognize and take responsibility for his failure?  

We Challenge the Governor to a Debate

So that the governor can hear first-hand what the Tea Party stands for, I'm  challenging Governor Malloy to a public debate about the appropriate role of government in a free society.   We invite him to choose the time and place. 
He will have his opportunity to "stand up to this crowd."  My number is 203-727-7798 - ready when you are, governor.

Bob MacGuffie
Right Principles

This article will also appear in the November 2013 issue of The Fairfield County Patriot.